Chairman’ s Note

joe-geogheganJim Sheridan and Zhara Moufid are to be thanked for the enormous amount of time and energy they invest each year to make the Dublin Arabic Film Festival the success it has become. The participation by Omar Sharif in the first DAFF in 2014 was due to Jim’s close friendship with that great Arab actor whose presence set the tone for the future. Zhara has succeeded each year in securing many of the best Arabic films for the festival thereby ensuring that the high standards, the range of countries represented, and wide variety of themes is maintained.

This combination of variety, high quality, diversity and blend of new and old has ensured that the programme appeals to a wide audience and attracts high levels of attendance each year. The festival has now become firmly established in the annual calendar of cultural events in Dublin which promotes Arab-Irish understanding and cross-cultural communication in an effective and memorable way.

Our presenting sponsors, Dubai Duty Free are to be acknowledged and thanked for their loyal support each year, as is the Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce for its continued high level of support since the beginning.

Likewise, we appreciate the support, advice and encouragement of the Arab embassies in Dublin which have helped out in so many ways over the years.

Each year the Chester Beatty Library has also supported the festival by showing carefully selected Arab movies in its cinema, an initiative which has provided a welcome additional dimension to the DAFF. We thank them sincerely for that.

Finally, we welcome new sponsors for our festival. The more we have, the more we can do! The DAFF offers an attractive opportunity to reach a wide audience while also supporting its ambition of promoting greater interaction and cross-cultural understanding between us Irish and our friends from the Arab world. Please do get in touch if you wish to avail of an attractive sponsorship opportunity while also supporting the worthy goals of the Dublin Arabic film Festival.

Joe Geoghegan
Honorary Festival Chairman and Chairman of The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce

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