Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim

8 October 2017
Date : 8 / Oct / 2017
Time : 16:00

Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim

Irish Film Institute

Directed by: Sherif El Bendary

92 mins | 2016 | Egypt | Digital | Subtitled

Ali is in love with a (possibly psychic) goat, called Nada. Ibrahim works at a recording studio and suffers from terrifying voices in his head. Ali yields to his mother’s wish that he visit a healer’s clinic where he meets Ibrahim; the healer diagnoses both as ‘cursed’ and prescribes a solution to break the spell: they must throw three stones into Egypt’s three water bodies. Ali, Ibrahim and Nada head off on a picaresque adventure that takes them to the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Nile in this touching tale of friendship, reconciliation and self-discovery.


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