Beauty and the Dogs

8 October 2017
Date : 8 / Oct / 2017
Time : 18:10

Beauty and the Dogs

Irish Film Institute

Directed by: Khaled Walid

100 mins | 2017 | Tunisia | Digital | Subtitled

An innocent night out clubbing with her friends descends into a hellish ordeal for 21-year-old Mariam (Mariam Al Ferjani) in the provocative Beauty and The Dogs. Focusing on the aftermath of her rape by two policemen, the film unflinchingly depicts the Kafkaesque bureaucracy Mariam is subjected to over the course of one long dark night. The directors present her experiences at the hands of shockingly indifferent doctors, policemen and administrators though a series of long, unbroken shots, displaying great technical virtuosity, whilst lending the material an appropriate air of in-the-moment urgency.

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